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    Illegal street racing isn’t just the subject of blockbuster movies or Dukes of Hazzard reruns. It’s a big problem that occurs on modern-day roadways all the time. Most racers understand the dangers of the sport, but they still do it to get a rush of adrenaline and push the limits of their vehicle’s performance. Here’s what you should know about this daredevil sport and how you can prevent it in your neighborhood.

Who's Behind the Wheel?

The average street racer is a male between the ages of 17 and 24. Most of these street racers drive imports like Camrys and Honda Civics because they have good street handling capabilities and are smaller in size. The racers usually remodel their vehicles to make them flashier, faster, and louder. Racers will often spend thousands of dollars to improve their machines for racing purposes.

Street Racing Related Problems

Street racing is associated with a lot of problems. Some are as minor as littering, while others are as major as serious accidents with injuries or death. Drunken driving and operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs are also huge issues associated with illegal street racing. Police suspect that many street racers finance their hobby using illegal means, including stealing vehicles and stripping them for parts.

Victims of Street Racing

Street racers do not just put themselves at risk when they participate in the dangerous sport; they also put the general population at risk as well. Innocent bystanders, passengers, business owners, other motorists, and nearby residents can all be harmed by street racing. A speeding ticket attorney will have a difficult time trying to defend speed racers due to multiple witnesses and video evidence.

Looking For Solutions

How to Stop Street Racing

There are things police can do to prevent illegal street racing in their jurisdictions. Common suggestions include tracking racing websites to monitor racers’ activities and learn when illegal events will occur. These websites can also be used to post warnings about the consequences of illegal street racing. You may also want to enlist members of the community to watch for and report illegal street racing incidents to the police department.